Laura Feline Mercado Fajardo (Laura Feline Mercado Fajardo) wrote in cam_clarke,
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Laura Feline Mercado Fajardo

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Finally became a Fan!

So after years of playing Tales of Symphonia and swooning over Kratos Aurion like everyone else, I decided to look at the voice actor behind the character and fell in love with Cam Clarke's work. It's been five months since I've become a die-hard fan, buying almost everything Mr. Clarke has been in (Honey and Clover, Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood, Eternal Sonata) and a fan of his music. Everytime I hear it, I swoon because of his voice and can't wait for the day I meet him in person. 

I have lots of respect for him, especially since he's so open about his sexuality (although I wish he wasn't---he is one handsome, elder man in my opinion), and have been inspired by him to re-pursue my dreams of voice-acting in the video game and anime industry. If anything, I would like to work with him one day because that would be so freaking awesome!
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