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ZOMG! New Member!

I must have been sleeping under a rock not to find this community!

Okay, well, since I'm new, lemme just introduce myself. I'm Dee, a huge Cam Clarke fan!!!! When I was younger, I watched Lion King 2 and LOVED the song "We Are One" though at the time I didn't know who sang it. Not only did it sound so great, but the meaning was good too (I even used it for a school project once).

Then, a few years later, I bought Jade Empire and totally loved Sky. I searched both IMDB and the credits of the game itself and found out that Cam voiced him. Okay, so I knew. Then, my friend Julie told me about this super awesome game called Tales of Symphonia. She told me her favourite character was Kratos Aurion, and when she came to my house and I showed her Jade Empire, she'd all like "Sky sounds like Kratos" and I said, "Well, he'd voiced by Cam Clarke." And she's like "Yeah! That's who plays Kratos!" Then I looked up on IMDB all his roles (finding out that he sang one of my favourite songs in a Disney movie ever, and played Simba in Kingdom hearts). Ever since, I've loved him and his work. I've only had a few "favourite" actors (I don't consider them my favourite unless I like more than one thing they're in).

I was a little disappointed to find out he was gay (all the great guys seem to be LOL) but now, I don't mind. I respect him for being so open and even singing songs about it (he was right, there aren't a lot of songs about people who are gay or lesbian, and is that really fair?). I really wanted to get some of those songs for my Ipod or even just to hear them, but I can't seem to find any and the clips on the internet are so short. Anyone able to point me in the right direction to the complete songs?
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