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ZOMG! New Member!

I must have been sleeping under a rock not to find this community!

Okay, well, since I'm new, lemme just introduce myself. I'm Dee, a huge Cam Clarke fan!!!! When I was younger, I watched Lion King 2 and LOVED the song "We Are One" though at the time I didn't know who sang it. Not only did it sound so great, but the meaning was good too (I even used it for a school project once).

Then, a few years later, I bought Jade Empire and totally loved Sky. I searched both IMDB and the credits of the game itself and found out that Cam voiced him. Okay, so I knew. Then, my friend Julie told me about this super awesome game called Tales of Symphonia. She told me her favourite character was Kratos Aurion, and when she came to my house and I showed her Jade Empire, she'd all like "Sky sounds like Kratos" and I said, "Well, he'd voiced by Cam Clarke." And she's like "Yeah! That's who plays Kratos!" Then I looked up on IMDB all his roles (finding out that he sang one of my favourite songs in a Disney movie ever, and played Simba in Kingdom hearts). Ever since, I've loved him and his work. I've only had a few "favourite" actors (I don't consider them my favourite unless I like more than one thing they're in).

I was a little disappointed to find out he was gay (all the great guys seem to be LOL) but now, I don't mind. I respect him for being so open and even singing songs about it (he was right, there aren't a lot of songs about people who are gay or lesbian, and is that really fair?). I really wanted to get some of those songs for my Ipod or even just to hear them, but I can't seem to find any and the clips on the internet are so short. Anyone able to point me in the right direction to the complete songs?
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Yay!! New member!! *flyingglomphug* LOL Remember me? I'm on your friends list XD

I love that song too! He has an awesome voice!

Cam Clarke is amazing no matter what! I'm glad you don't judge him or anything just because he's gay... :) I know a lot of people would. But you don't so: YAYAY!

Sry...I am no help in the song department...
=D I'm loved!

Course I remember you *falls over from flyingglomphug*

It's okay. Hopefully I can find songs somewhere, or better yet the actual CD (but everywhere I've looked doesn't seem to have it. Stupid HMV and MusicWorld >_<)
Yay new member is right! It's always fun to get some fresh blood into this community! Welcome!
yah! thankies for the welcome;D
A ToS fan eh? Welcome! Nice to see more ToS fans around here.

It might be that I'm just a silly person, but when I found out Cam is openly gay, I was excited about it. (It might be because I'm KratosxYuan obsessed...)

As for the song question... Sorry. I can't find any songs either.
yup! I originally liked Jade Empire as the best of Cam's works, but now it's taken a close second to ToS. Kratos is just so loveable (okay, he'd probably dice me for saying that LOL) *huggles wanted Kratos plushie*

lol, unfortunately or not (depending on how u wanna look at it) I'm more of a Kranna fan myself, but I do love Yuan! And like I said, I really respect him for publicly announcing that (I know he has been openly gay for a long time, but that's still a risk *remembers the whole media spaz over Lance Bass' announcement of being gay*)

It's a pity its so hard to find his songs. His album isn't THAT old, yet cd stores that have stuff from decades ago don't carry it, and places like Limewire (eep, I'm a bad person for using that) don't have any songs but "We Are One" which I already have. I'll probably have to like...order the CD from somewhere.
If Kranna weren't canon, I bet more people would be YuanxKratos fan. (And I'll be damned if I call it Kruan or Yutos...)

Yeah, I also respect him for publicly announcing it. In one of his replies, he said that he 'appreciated my respect for the gay members of society'. Yup yup. *nod*

I tried eMule, but that doesn't have any of his songs (aside from We are one) either. *pout*
ur probably right (what? Don't like the cutsie combo names? LOL)

I still think ur so lucky to have email him and gotten a reply. if i werent so shy, i probably would try too. but what would i say? I bet he'd heard "you're super cool and I'm a huge fan" millions of times! Besides, I've never talked to anyone so famous before (I think I talked to a local hockey person one time when he came to our school but that's it) and who I respected so much (that says a lot since I think the majority of celebrities are quacks who have too much money and are only famous for their scandals *thinks of paris hilton and shudders*)
Nah, I think name merging is pretty silly.

From what I've gathered, everyone who mails him gets a reply. Though I have to admit, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world for about a week. Maybe two. =D
If you mail him, just tell him which voices you adore most and tell him you respect his openly gayness and stuff. Or, like I did, ask him which voice he liked doing best, or if it's hard to do voices.

I hope to become a voice actor myself some day, so it was nice to hear a pro's opinion on doing voices. ^_^
lol, i just find name merging easy when writting summaries for cuz they don't give you a lot of room, and when u need a summary and (well I like to do this) telling the people what pairing it is, i find it easier.

really? wow, that's no nice. he must get a lot, and to reply to them all must be quite time consuming (and I'm guessing he's not the kind of guy to say "thanks for writting" and end it there) I'd so love to write him (I'd probably go around telling all my friends if I got a reply and feel all giddy for a while lol

do u have his email? or know where I can find it?

I'd love to be a voice actor some day. I'm working to be a plastic surgeon, but I just think the experiance would be so fun.
I'm working to be a laboratory assistant person. But voice actor would be SO much cooler.

His E-mail is;

Oh, you're on Yaaay! (I'm addicted to Though all my stories are either Kratos/Yuan or Lloyd/Zelos. With hints of Mithos/Genis and Colette/Martel! Not a straight pairing in sight! XD)
it sure would be. even if i just had one a misc person on the street or something, i'd be so happy LOL

k, thanks. as soon as i gather the courage...I'm mailing him LOL

Yeah, penname is evrythingburns (just like my hotmail email and lj username, but those have underscores:P) I'm addicted to it too. So far I only have...I think three or four stories (I'm still new to actually writting for it). I have three Final Fantasy VII stories (one Lucrecia/Sephiroth but non romantic, a Tifa/Cloud one and a Rufus/Elena one) and one Kingdom Hearts story (mainly about Axel, but implied Axel/Roxas) I'm currently working on a ToS Kratos/Anna story for my friend that has a bit of Yuan/Martel. LOL, besides Axel/Roxas of Kingdom Hearts, all the pairings I currently support are straight. But I base couples more on chemistry

ok, enough of my rambling LOL
Yeah, hahah, we're kinda drifting offtopic now. XD
(Should you ever encounter the Idiot Seraphim/Renegade series on, that one's my pride and joy. XD)

Mmm... Role as misc person would be awesome. Who knows? Maybe that's how Cam started too. ^_^
lol, drifting off topic is my specialty! jk

and I'll be sure to be on the lookout lol.

maybe. but i think it says on his site that his first big break (i guess refering to voice acting) was as Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I think I used to watch that LOL)