Meowzy No-Last-Name (meowzy_chan) wrote in cam_clarke,
Meowzy No-Last-Name

New member!!

Why was I not aware there was a Cam Clarke fanclub? O_o
Well, I'm joining now! Let's see, my favourite Cam Clarke characters are Kratos Aurion and Die Fledermaus! ^_^
I say Cam Clarke is one of the coolest voice actors in existance, and... Well... Yeah, that's it really. Be nice to me! ^^'
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Welcome! Sadly, there isnt a lot of news that goes on in this community it seems, but I guess maybe there's not a lot of news going on about Mr. Clarke lately...
I know, I feel so bad, I love him but I don't have time to make this community more active......that reminds me I do need to research him and see if there is any news. =)