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Tales of Legendia

I'm putting this behind a cut because it may contain spoilers for "Tales of Legendia". I just thought it was cute and I should share... I should also mention that I'm currently getting over the flu and heavily medicated... :)

So I got the news Tales game... "Tales of Legendia". LOVE it. The characters are as lovable (GENIS!! squeek!) as Tales of Symphonia... but it still has Cam Clarke (double squeek!). He's like the new teacher-type. Over obsessed, yano...

haha So today when my boyfriend was playing it , I drifted off to sleep... and in game, Cam's character announced that he had a daughter. So I hear it in my dream, and Cam is telling me this himself. I got excited and said "Yay!! So you aren't gay... so now we can be together, right?" and he says back "um, no I'm still gay". *siiigh* :(
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